Shaping Patterns is an international partnership project. Read about the different partner organizations below.

sideviews invents settings, developed from artistic research as a field in which social and political issues, artistic expressions and the participants are connected in a non-hierarchical way. We establish our own methods to create new forms of social interaction within different communities, using interfaces of art, research and education for reinterpretations. The experienced knowledge is published in exhibitions, performances, documentary films.

Yellow Brick is an independent cultural institution of contemporary art that has been active in the district of Nea Ionia, in Attica, since 2016. It is an initiative of the artist Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki based on the promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue and cultural exchange undertaken through relational engagement of writers, curators, and members of the local community.

Yellow Brick focuses primarily on multimodal practices including art exhibitions, educational programs for children and adults, artists’ workshops for the production of artworks, art publications, common dinners and experimental activities, aiming at the interaction of research and cultural rethinking. Artists have the opportunity of an artistic residency in order to develop their practices, create synergies with the Yellow Brick project and present the results of their experience.

Those methodological approaches articulate a field of correlations and exchange, so that this dynamic ecosystem to integrate, converse and interact on a wider artistic map.

Kunsten is a living art museum allowing space for immersion, wonder and fascination. The museum houses a unique collection comprising over 4000 works of art, mostly post-1900, by Danish and foreign artists. The exhibition area consists of five galleries providing visitors with ample opportunity to experience the permanent collection as well as a number of special exhibitions. Kunsten also hosts a variety of events including lectures, film screenings, concerts, family workshops, guided tours, and other activities suitable for all age groups.

The Architecture

The museum building, completed in 1972, is an attraction in its own right. Designed by the world-famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, assisted by Elissa Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruël, it is the only museum building outside Finland designed by Aalto. The museum is built of striking white marble, a style that is continued inside with stunning marble flooring and copper lamps, also designed by Aalto.


Based on several years working with welcoming kids at the museum, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art’s educational team was truly established with a three-year funding grant (2018-21), which made it possible to employ three artists and a team of 8 educators from a variety of backgrounds for a period of three years. The team rolled out a stunning range of initiatives designed to make the museum a place where children were not just welcome, but one important focus. The museum’s educational offers are both ubiquitous on-site at the museum, but also extend to other sites like schools, events, nursing homes, hospitals, cultural meetings and public spaces. During the project period 85.000 children were engaged in activities with art and artists. Today ‘Kreativitarium’ is a fully integrated department with 9 employees in the museum organization, the strategy and in the museum’s range of activities.

The museum’s approach is characterised by a philosophy of open source Givism, a generous sharing of ideas and practices. No copyright is part of the museum’s philosophy, so visitors can take ideas and concepts from the museum and use them in their own institutions or homes. Interactive Zones are curated directly into collection exhibitions and all types of guests have fun and immersive experiences and learn trough their senses.

Kunst-Lab is one of two educational rooms at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. It is a screen-free, analogue environment for experiencing art as a counterweight to the ubiquity of the digital in contemporary teaching. Kunst-Lab is staged with the colours, themes and other elements that visitors will encounter in the exhibition space of the featured exhibition. Kunst-Lab thus functions as a form of portal into the world of the featured artist or exhibition that visitors will encounter and is the first stage of the process of immersion in the artworks. 

This sensory, embodied approach is accompanied by a workshops that employ a highly experimental use of materials and techniques, which lean up against the featured artists, but do not result in a slavish copying or imitation of their styles. Visitors thus have the opportunity to reflect on incredibly strange and experimental artists and views of the world. This serves as a confirmation that it is okay to think differently and to challenge norms and worldviews. They are encouraged to engage with materials in an open and experimental way, which has applications in all kinds of other fields, where experimenting with new applications for materials is a vital innovative tool in sustainability. 

The team is also very active in bringing the museum out of its physical location with ToGo workshops in a huge variety of locations, schools, nursing homes, on the beach in summertime, at festivals, the regatta, Aalborg carnival and the like. At these locations the museum often takes an artwork with to show to visitors. 

Villa Zebra’s sole purpose is to connect children to contemporary art. We support child development by letting them discover, experience and explore art installations. We want them to grow and develop as individuals with a better understanding of themselves, the community they are part of, and the planet they live on. Art is a strong element to reach this goal, working together with an artist a experience with great effect.

Our programmes range from 2 to 12 years old and include workshops, educational materials, and location-based projects in schools and local neighbourhoods.  Each year we work with, develop and inspire over 40,000 children.

Kulturprinsen is a cultural development centre devoted to ensuring children and young adults’ encounter with art and culture in their everyday lives. Kulturprinsen develops projects, professional networks and partnerships with the aim of fostering creativity, innovation and democratic processes primarily through early childhood education and primary education. By promoting cultural and creative learning environments, the scope of Kulturprinsen is to lay the foundations for children and young adults to become responsible democratic citizens and capable of meeting the challenges of an increasingly interconnected and globalised world.

PLATO is a gallery of contemporary art funded by the City of Ostrava (Czech Republic).

PLATO offers communication and mediates knowledge not only within the field of art but also works on an interdisciplinary basis and brings together initiatives from different artistic, social and scientific disciplines with an emphasis on combining a professional and academic approach using non-expert and peer-to-peer formats.

PLATO brings together the specific local scene and issues (the region is marked by its industrial and mining past) with the international scene and its discourses and maintains historical contact with the Polish culture. PLATO initiates the creation of new works and comes up with experimental formats for the presentation of contemporary art. It develops its exhibition programme in large, thematically interconnected blocks, using a methodology that allows for in-depth reflection and experience of pressing social issues. In addition to exhibitions, PLATO creates a range of educational programmes for different target groups, including programmes for children and families, teenagers, adults, schools, summer academies for teachers, refugees, and others. PLATO also offers its own concert and film series and a library and operates an online publishing house, Octopus Press.

PLATO places special emphasis on issues of feminism, ecology, and social justice across the entire range of its activities.