Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is an international art center on the island of Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. It occupies the enormous renovated former B&W welding hall, and has a total of 7,000 m2 of industrial halls with plenty of space to show the technical and large formats in which many contemporary artists work. The center has allocated a very generous amount of space for their creative and teaching activities, which reflects its commitment to disseminating sometimes difficult material and concepts. On the upper level is an artist-manned workshop which is open on the weekends in which visitors can work with different materials. On the lower level is a so-called playscape, which everyone can explore, play in, and examine using their bodies. Examples of these are Art is Life created by the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren at CC in 2019 featuring works constructed using 700 dartboards, 300 weights, and 10,000 silk ribbon – and El barco de barro (The Clay Ship) by Venezuelan artist Sol Calero, who filled the hall with pavilions, furniture, and a large open clay workshop. There has also been an embroidery workshop where guests could both embroider and repair their own clothes.

Their Science & Contemporary Art offers guests the opportunity to take part in activities associated with space, light, colours, and shapes. The activities are based on the works of art shown in the hall. There are also zones where guests can build with LEGO and DUPLO, make studies of the sky, and build their own work of art.